Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is the debut of our family blog. I am not really technically inclined so bear with me as I figure out how to do this! A few months ago I signed up on Facebook and have found people that I haven't had contact with for years. It is so wonderful to be able to find somebody with a click of a button. Many of you have asked if I have a blog and now I can say yes! So here we go:

The kids have been in school for a month now and instead of feeling organized, I feel like we keep scrambling to adjust our schedules to accommodate whatever new activity somebody in the family takes on. I guess that's the way it works in a large family. I love that the kids have so many things that interest and excite them. Now we just have to find a way to get everybody where they need to be!

So how are we doing? Despite the busy schedule, we are doing well. Trent has made a good adjustment to his new job here in Tucson. He enjoys the people he works with and especially loves Raytheon Friday's! He gets every other Friday off.
I love Tucson! It reminds me of where I grew up in South Africa. The sun shines most of the time. Monsoons are awesome and the Desert Blooms!
Somebody once told me that it takes a year after you move to feel like you belong somewhere. I have found this to be true. This year, my children felt so much more confident about beginning the school year. They have friends, know the teachers and know their way around the school.
I am proud of them for moving outside of their comfort zones and making an effort to make this move a success.

Hopefully I will figure out how to get picture's up and do that next!