Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 Cabin Fever!

We spent Thanksgiving up in the White Mountains with Trent's brother and family as well as Grandma and Grandpa. We stayed at a cabin, ate Thanksgiving Dinner and played lots of games. The kids spent hours outside. We got snow on the last night we were there. It was exciting. We hadn't seen the white stuff for a while! It was a wonderful trip! Savana spent hours outside building the fort! Even though it was cold.

Carver was "fixing" the fort. It took a long time.

Avery had a giant smile on her face the whole weekend and only came in for Hot Chocolate.

Gavin was "Master of all he surveyed!" He had a great time.

Halloween 2009!

As always, Halloween was filled with fun costumes, fun trick or treating and waaaaay to much candy!! Need I say more?

Avery was Joan of Arc. Gavin was MIB. Carver was a Jedi Knight. Savana was a Pirate!

Horse Camp

Savana and Avery went to horse camp during the Fall Break. It was Savana's second time so she was a pro this year! It was Avery's first time. She has always been a bit horse crazy, so this was a lot of fun for her. It was also a little bit intimidating, as the horses are large and there is one old horse named Sugar who walks around everywhere and tries to eat everyone's lunch! The girls were picked up by Miss Candace every morning at 7 AM at Safeway, and returned to us at 5PM. The days were long and packed full of learning to walk, care for and train horses. There were also many trailrides. Avery admits to a little homesickness, but still loved camp! Savana just loved camp and was never homesick!!

It was hot, dusty and a lot of flies, but still very fun!

It was a fun week and the girls look forward to doing it again next fall. Carver plans to go next year too!