Friday, October 22, 2010

11 wonderful years

Savana turned 11 on October 13.  She is such a lovely young lady and we enjoyed celebrating her birthday on the way to Idaho for Tarmi's wedding on October 16th.  We drove from Arizona to Orem Utah the night before and stayed with Uncle Haydn and Aunt Jozette.  It was so much fun to see them. Then we toured BYU, stopped for lunch with Aunt Annette and Uncle Tony, and then headed on to Boise where Aunt Kirsten had made Savana a cake. Happy Birthday Savana!
 This is Savana on the morning of her 11th Birthday

 We stopped in Provo and took a tour of BYU Campus with the kids.  It was fun!
 Aunt Kirsten picked a pirate theme for Savana
 She made Savana a Treasure Cake
The driveway was decorated with chalk when we got to Aunt Kirsten

Fall Break

Our 3 week Fall Break was full of fun activities.  We went to Lake Havasu again and had a great time.  This time Clint, Jenn and their kids came with us. Gavin also got to bring a friend along. It was filled with good weather, good food and good times.

It is great to be 8

Life marches along at a furious pace and proof of that lies in Carver. He turned 8 years old on September 25. This birthday has been greatly anticipated by Carver because 8 means a birthday party, cub scouts and a baptism. For the last year Carver would keep coming to Trent and I and giving us the new idea about what party he wants. We had: Pump it Up, Bowling, Gymnastics, Swim Party, Air Force Party in the back yard, and the list went on and on and on..... He decided to go with a swim party in Grandma's pool and it was a lot of fun.

Another great thing about turning 8 is that you get to start Cub Scouts.

Thats only 36 more Pack Meetings until we are done!
He came back from his first night of Cub Scouts very enthusiastic about going back next week.

Carver was baptized on October 9th.  It was a lovely day filled with friends and family. He was baptized and confirmed by Trent.  His cousin Kimberly played the piano while we were waiting for Carver and Trent to dress and come back for the confirmation.                                                                                          
So Happy Birthday Carver!  It is great to be 8!