Sunday, July 11, 2010

Swim like a Fish

I had made a goal for each of our kids that they will all swim on a swim team for at least one summer. I want my children to know how to swim. I just didn't realize it would all be the same summer. I decided to put Gavin on a team. After going to his practice and watching all the kids swimming, I realized that I could probably put all of my kids on a swim team too. Gavin's team was full, so I went to a different pool and signed up the other 3 kids on a different team. And that is how I ended up leaving at 6:30am on Tuesday through Friday for a 7-8 am swim practice for Savana, Avery, and Carver, and also have a 8-9am swim practice at a different location for Gavin. While I sorely miss sleeping in, thanks to my sister and a couple of friends willing to help, I am very happy I did it. Swimming is a whole new world to us. The meets go fast and are very exciting. All of my children have improved their times significantly and I am so proud of them.

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  1. Love it, Lauren. So, how crazy busy have you been this summer?